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    Is your new truck wearing tyres ? let us explain why this may be the case.

    Did you know in most cases if you buy a new truck it is imported and will not have alignment setting compatible with Australian Roads as the geometry on the steer axles in these trucks are set for the roads found in the country of manufacture!

    The high offset road crown found on most Australian roads is different to what is found in other countries and needs different geometry to the country of your trucks origin.

    The most common tyre wear we see from this is outside left front and inside drivers front edge wear and scolloping or cupping wear.

    How we fix this is to ( reset ) the steering angles on the front axle to a more desirable setting stopping the tyre wear.

    If you are planning on making a new truck purchase or if you have recently and are experiencing tyre wear please contact us to book in to have the truck inspected and rectified before costly tyre wear occurs.